ATA Tweed 2 Day Trial Results

Thanks to those riders who threw caution to the wind and braved the elements, only to suffer through yet another heat wave, while the rest of Ontario hunkered down for an ice storm.

Trials master and tireless host Dave Cordy, even had the driveway paved in anticipation of the factory rigs. Next year we may need Start & End cards on the ditches.

Despite the rumoured hot weather 23 riders showed up to test the new gate marking system. Even though no-one thought to bring ice studs, Dave had adjusted the section difficulty so that most of the sections were cleaned at some time during the trial. Those 70’s Pirellis made all the difference.

Big thanks to Dave as a fun time was had by all. The Experts even showed up for more on Sunday, but the weather won by a degree or two!

ATA Tweed 2 Day Trial Results

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Day 2, Sunday April 15th, Tweed Trial cancelled due to weather.

There will be a fun practice ride but only for the brave and fearless as even the loop is Expert level.

Todays poignant pic is of the stunning Serres trophy for Outstanding Expert rider. Look at the names of infamous recipients. Could Tom Farr possibly win it again some 30 years later? ..or Blair?  Notice how the water level has dropped in the last week. The creek is almost dry!  Hope to see YOU there, and bring a friend.


…Latest update from the Kinlin Rd river banks:-

The tireless Tweed setup crew advises that the sections are all ready to go. The snow has long since melted, and it so warm that the water is just perfect for swimming. If it’s yellow…  Rumour has it that environmentally friendly daffodils are being used instead of marking tape!

Hope to see YOU there.

2018 Flyer

The 2018 schedule is now live! – revised 09-10-2018.

NB: Please check back soon for updates as dates are tentative.

April 14th & 15th ATA Tweed 2 Day
May 26th & 27th ECTA Lion’s Head 2 Day
June 10th SCR Ohsweken
Aug 11th & 12th ATA Sparrow Lake 2 Day
Aug 18th ATA Arden
Aug 19th ATA Tweed
Sept 8th & 9th CPTA CMA National-Ioco BC
Sept 15th & 16th ATA Kearney
October 21st ECTA Lion’s Head
tba ATA St. George

In the meantime how about a shout out to the dedicated 2017 Trials Masters and their able bodied assistants, without whom we would not have had 10 events to ride last year.

Many thanks to:

  • Dave & Helen Cordy, Brian, Jon, Brandon, and Rob at Tweed.
  • Cam Whiffing & Bob Kelly, and the SCR.
  • Elaine & Clive Barnes-Moss, and the ECTA.
  • Dave & Joyce Butler at Sparrow Lake.
  • Mike & Sarah Feiner at Kearney.
  • Cam Whiffing and Eagle Press for their printing and section marking supplies.

Please like this post and/or comment to show your appreciation,
…or even better come out in 2018 and lend a hand to lessen their load a little. Don’t forget to also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated! 


The ATA Supershow booth is # 4603 located in Hall 4.

Rumour has it there are already trials riders lined up to meet a certain Mr. TonyB, ..along with Paul Sr. from OCC ..he must be a trials rider to be able to ride those ‘creations’!

So if you want to bypass the crowds and go straight to the front of the line, then just volunteer for a few hours, and a free VIP pass will be held in your name.

Step up, hop or splatter ..or simply email with your name and preferred time slot ..but hurry!


Happy New Year Trials riders.
Going to the 2018 International Motorcycle Supershow?
…but of course you are my bright little star.
There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
Face piles and piles of TRIALS with smiles.
It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave.
What, you didn’t know Graeme Edge rode Trials?
…stop by and bench race on the ATA booth. You say the Tweed/Sparrow Lake/Kearney rock wall was how high?
Lovely to see you again my friend! Why not stay for a while and spread the word on how much fun you had riding Trials last year.

Free passes for volunteers. The line starts here….