What is the ATA?

The ATA was founded in 1980 to promote the sport of trials in Ontario.

The ATA’s mandate is to promote and support trials and to facilitate event sanctioning. Champ Level riders have the opportunity to represent Canada in the Trials des Nations event, for which the ATA has donated over $1000 to support Team Canada.

Trials competitions in Ontario are sanctioned and insured by the Canadian Motorcycle Association, but a CMA license is NOT required to ride any ATA events. The CMA provides a framework of rules, insurance, standings, and is the FIM affiliate for Canada.

What is a Trial?

An observed trial is a non-speed competition on specialized motorcycles. The competition is split into sections where competitors are scored while riding through an obstacle course.

Sections are separated into different lines to accommodate the different rider skill levels. The event rider classes available are listed below.

The winner of each class is the competitor with the least total penalty points, after riding the eight to ten sections three or four times.

What are the rider classes?

Novice Based on the skill level of the rider, minimum age 9.
Junior Based on the skill level of the rider.
Intermediate Based on the skill level of the rider.
Advanced Based on the skill level of the rider, includes 35+.
Expert Based on the skill level of the rider.
Veteran 45 Any skill level, minimum age 45.
Super Veteran 55 Any skill level, minimum age 55.
Women Any skill level, minimum age 13.
Vintage Any skill level. Restricted to machines 1986 or older; twin shock rear suspension; air cooled engine.
Modern Classic Monoshock 1980 up to and including 1998.
Sportsman Non competition
Championship National Championship events only. Open to Expert class riders who wish to compete for the #1 Plate.
Youth  The youth event will run in conjunction with the main competition. Section difficulty and length of event will be suitable for 5-10 year old riders. Any motorcycle with less than full size wheels will be allowed.
Clubman Choice of section lines. Non-Comp, non-series points scoring intro to the sport of trials.

Are there other trial events in Ontario?

Other events in Ontario are organized by the Southwestern Ontario Vintage Trials group (SOVT), a member of the CVMG, and the Michigan Ontario Trials Association.

Where can I buy a trials bike in Ontario?

Beta D&J Motorcycles
GasGas Dualsport Plus
Jotagas Dualsport Plus
Montesa Honda
Ossa Dualsport Plus
Scorpa Dualsport Plus
Sherco Dualsport Plus
TRS D&J Motorcycles
Vertigo Dualsport Plus