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Here are the detailed results for the ATA National Trial on Sat Oct 2nd & Sun Oct 3rd, 2021 in Arden, Ontario.

Great to see so many visitors from the East and West.

Many thanks to Pat & Dave Southam for hosting a very worthy National event, and thanks to:

  • Set up crew: Dave Southam, Eric Brackenbury, Josh Gehan, Jon English, Stephane Dagenais.
  • Checkers: Aaron Donnan, Bruce Gosson, Chris Hirschfield, Clive Barnes-Moss, David Morrow, Dinah Ruska, Elaine Mowry, Eric Brackenbury, Jason Fern, Jim Wallace, Mike McCormick, Mike Snider, Ralf Urzinger, Randy Leach, Randy Rhem, Richard Bonathan, Rick Bryant, Ron Vandebelt, Shaun O’Reilly, Trevor Howarth.
  • Rider support: Dave Southam, Josh Gehan, Stephane Dagenais.
  • Sign-up and scoring: Denise Howarth, Helen Cordy, Joyce Butler, Pat Southam, Tina McCormick.
  • Official Photographer: Lucie Noël

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Here are the detailed results from the Sparrow Lake 2-day Trial.

Many thanks to Joyce and Dave Butler for hosting the ‘hottest’ event of the season. Fortunately most riders were on the road home before the heavens opened!
Thank you to Dave Butler, Steve and Tyler Mumford for all the section clearing & setup, and thanks to the Marshalls’ and Mike McCormick for the Sunday section card switching. Thanks also to the hard working Scoring Team of Joyce, Helen, and Tina – all much appreciated. Volunteers – you can’t beat them!

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Thank you to Dave and Helen Cordy for hosting the 2021 Tweed Serres Cup 2-Day Trial. Round 2 & 3 of the ATA series.

10 different sections, two different loops, and after months of preparation, it all paid dividends with two really fun events in perfect August weather.

Thanks to the Section set-up crew of Dave, Brian, & Kevin, and the rider card scoring humour from Helen, Joyce, Pat & Tina.

Congratulations to Serres Cup winner Expert rider Kevin Cordy.

Next CMA event: ATA – Sparrow Lake Trial, Aug 21st & 22nd, 2021.

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