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First, thanks to you, the riders for coming out to support the ECTA, ATA and our sport.
Many thanks to Jim, Tony, Don, Mike and Bryan for helping me with set up and to Shirley for the 50/50 draw.
Thanks also to our Sunday checkers: Joan and Tony, Steve, Mike, Randy, Don and Donna, Tom, Joyce and Ken, Kelly, and Stew and to our score tabulators, Helen and Elaine. And finally, a great big thanks to Neil and to the efforts he puts into the sport before, during, and after each event.
Stay well and stay safe!
Cheers from Elaine and Clive.

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To one and all, In Conclusion.

With great satisfaction I want to thank the volunteers.

As we all understand putting on any event especially a trial, cannot be done by one person.
In our case we had a very dedicated energetic group spread out over time, mostly due
to covid restriction in the last two years.

It did benefit the course and in the end the competition, as we spent longer with careful
thought to the sections and Woody’s property. Especially the Orchids on section 5,
you may or may not have noticed they were taped off and protected with logs too.

The work parties included in no particular order, just as they sprung up in the old grey matter.
The chainsaw guys Chris Price , Randy Rhem and David Percival aka Woody.
The brush and log movers, Dave Morrow, Bruce Gossen, Lars Larson and Shaun O’Reilly.

All did a wonderful job as the piles of brush around the course can attest, those piles now make good cover for wildlife and protecting young trees to replace the dead cut down ones.

On the admin side.
Pat Southam and Neil Carter were great sounding and advisory persons when I needed propping up.
You all met the wonderful John Price and Kathleen Price at Sign-In.
A big thanks to them for staying all day propping up myself between different aspects I dealt with.

If I have missed anyone please forgive me as I am getting long in the tooth!

Lastly I would like to take this opportunity to thank the riders as it doesn’t happen without you.
I hope they all enjoyed themselves and will join us again in the future.
Kindest regards to all for making my life all the richer.
Eric B

Hardcore Spring Trial Results 05-15-2022


Here are the detailed results for the ATA National Trial on Sat Oct 2nd & Sun Oct 3rd, 2021 in Arden, Ontario.

Great to see so many visitors from the East and West.

Many thanks to Pat & Dave Southam for hosting a very worthy National event, and thanks to:

  • Set up crew: Dave Southam, Eric Brackenbury, Josh Gehan, Jon English, Stephane Dagenais.
  • Checkers: Aaron Donnan, Bruce Gosson, Chris Hirschfield, Clive Barnes-Moss, David Morrow, Dinah Ruska, Elaine Mowry, Eric Brackenbury, Jason Fern, Jim Wallace, Mike McCormick, Mike Snider, Ralf Urzinger, Randy Leach, Randy Rhem, Richard Bonathan, Rick Bryant, Ron Vandebelt, Shaun O’Reilly, Trevor Howarth.
  • Rider support: Dave Southam, Josh Gehan, Stephane Dagenais.
  • Sign-up and scoring: Denise Howarth, Helen Cordy, Joyce Butler, Pat Southam, Tina McCormick.
  • Official Photographer: Lucie Noël

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