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Here are the full results for the ATA Anger Management Lion’s Head Fall Trial on October 22nd, 2023.


The last event of the 2023 ATA season could not have turned out better with the sun breaking through on 11 gnarly leaf blown sections. Coupled with a roller coaster loop to loosen up any stiff joints with time running out to enjoy the fall colours! ..and there were some that wanted to ride 5 loops!

Thank you again to:

  • Property owners: Bryan & Shelley Marshall
  • Clerk of the course: Mike McCormick
  • ‘Set up’ crew: Mike McCormick, Bryan, Curtis & Devyn Marshall.
  • Pre-entry gifts – Mike McCormick. ‘It pays to pre-enter’!
  • Special thanks to the Sign-in and results Team that suffered trough the early morning frost: Tina, Shelley, Helen, & Elaine.

Thank you all your support of the ATA in 2023.

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Thank you to all the riders who took the time to Pre-enter the ATA Marshall AM Trial on Oct 22nd. On-line registration has now been reopened here for those who missed the deadline. Riders can also Sign-In before 10am on the day at the event.

The setup team have spent many weekends clearing new sections to allow for wider lines. This is the last event of the 2023 season, so please come out and show support for all the extra effort setting up the Trial for your enjoyment.

Pre-Enter Now


This year’s ATA Lion’s Head Fall Trial, which was previously scheduled for Sunday, October 29th, will now be held on Sunday, October 22nd. Details, flyer, and pre-entry information will be shared in the next few weeks.


The ATAQ (Association des Trialistes Amateurs du Québec) would like feedback from those interested in riding the CMA National Trials Championship, in Notre-Dame-du-Portage, on Sept. 30th / Oct. 1st, 2023.

If you are considering going to the event please fill out this form so that we can forward the number of rider bibs, and # plate stickers that need to be ordered ahead of time.

This survey is not a pre-entry sign up, but would be very useful for event planning.

Thank you.



This year’s ATA Sparrow Lake 2-Day Trial will be held on Saturday, September 9th & Sunday, September 10th, 2023. Pre-entry registration and payment are required by Tuesday, September 5th to enter the event.

To pre-register please:

  1. Fill out this pre-registration form by Tuesday, September 5th, 2023.
  2. Send your pre-entry fee via e-transfer to
    1. CMA member: $30.00 per day, or $50.00 for 2 days
    2. Clubman: $40.00 per day or $70.00 for 2 days, for those wishing to ‘Try-Trials’
    3. Entry on the day, or missing waiver form, add $5.00 admin fee.

ATA Sparrow Lake 2-Day Trial


  • An Observed Motorcycle Trials Competition.


  • Saturday, September 9th, 2023: Sign-in at 11am, Start at Noon.
  • Sunday, September 10th, 2023: Sign-in at 10am, Start at 11am.


  • Sparrow Lake. North of Orillia. Off Hwy 11.


  • Please read directions carefully… Take Hwy 11 North from Orillia.
  • Exit at Hawkins Corner/S. Sparrow Lake Rd Exit. Goldstein Road
  • ramp CR-38. (2nd overpass after Webers Hamburger stand).
  • Follow S. Sparrow Lake Rd, then Torpitt Rd towards Torys Landing.
  • After approx 14km Turn Lef up gravel hill onto ORIMAT Rd.
  • Private road – proceed SLOWLY as lots of tight blind turns.
  • Follow Orimat Rd for approx 4km keeping left at each branch in the road.
  • Look for a red triangle sign #1725 BUTLER on the right hand side.
  • NB: Trailers please park on top ridge.
  • Cars/Pickups only allowed to enter driveway to cottage
  • Orimat Road is a private road, so if asked, you are a guest of Dave & Joyce Butler


  • CMA License Required (unless eligible for Clubman Class)
  • To save time at Sign-in, please bring your printed and signed waiver to the trial.
  • If you have not already renewed your CMA competition license please do so now.
  • Classes for Expert, Advanced, Intermediate, Junior, Novice, Vet 45, and Vet 55.
  • Clubman class for those new riders wanting to ‘Try-Trials’.


  • CMA members: $30.00 per day, or $50.00 for 2 days
  • Clubman Class: $40.00 per day or $70.00 for 2 days, for those wishing to ‘Try-Trials’
  • Entry on the day, or missing waiver form, add $5.00 admin fee.


  • Ride at your own risk
  • Respect the land owners wishes
  • No littering
  • Helmets at all times
  • Back protection and lanyard kill switches are mandatory for Expert & Advanced, and highly recommended for other classes.
  • COVID-19: Feeling sick? Stay home and stay safe. Please respect those wearing masks.

Here are the full results for the ATA Tweed 2-Day Trial held on August 19th & 20th, 2023.

Thank you to Dave and Helen Cordy for hosting another great event.

The constantly changing weather leading up to the trial saw Dave standing out in the river building bridges, as the water level remained high and deceptively fast.

Perfect Trials weather on the the day for three loops of 12 sections, with a different set of fun filled sections for Day 2. 

Thanks to the Section set-up crew of Dave Cordy, Kevin Cordy, Rob Smithurst & Chris Snell.

Thank you to Dave, Helen and Daryl, for handling the bbq TDN fund raiser ..more corn still available on request!

Special mention to Helen for handling Sign-In, tyre raffle tickets, TDN donations ..and the usual late entry stragglers.

Scoring/cypher/calculus team of magicians – Helen, Joyce, Pat & Tina. Your patience and determination are really appreciated!

Aggregate awards list to follow, with awards courtesy of Brandon.

Please be sure to thank Dave Cordy for a great Trial!

Congratulations to the overall 2 day Expert winner of the Serres Cup in 2023 – Kevin Cordy.

Next CMA event: ATA – Westport Trial, on Sept 2nd, 2023.