The 2019 schedule is now available with our first event on April 20th in Tweed. More details on the Tweed Trial to come shortly.

Please check back soon for updates as dates are tentative.

April 20th ATA Tweed
May 25th & 26th ECTA Lion’s Head 2 Day
June 9th SCR Ohsweken
July 27th & 28th ATA Sparrow Lake 2 Day
Aug 25th ATA Arden – Tentative
Sept 7th & 8th ATA Kearney 2 Day
Sept 21st & 22nd ATA Tweed 2 Day

Please click here to goto the survey Thank you to all who responded, but if YOU haven’t taken the survey then we do still need YOUR input. Just a few simple quick questions to help shape the direction of ATA Trials. After 40 years we need some fresh faces and ideas:- …easier / harder / change the rules / section marking / trophies / fees / locations? YOUR comments are important. No point complaining if you don’t use your chance to make a difference.


The ATA Trials Supershow booth is #4412 located in Hall 4.

Happy New Year to you, your family, and your favourite tri-cycle.

Sorry but even with the email spam filter off, somehow we must have missed your generous offer of help. No point starting the 2019 Honey-Do-List (aka bike maintenance) without visiting the show first to pick up essential supplies.

Just email with your preferred Supershow time slot ..but hurry as a few spaces just became available!

More info on the show @


The ATA Trials Supershow booth is #4412 located in Hall 4.

Rumour has it there are already trials riders lined up to meet a certain Mr. DaveB, ..along with DanielleC from Amercian Pickers.

So if you want to bypass the crowds and go straight to the front of the line, then just volunteer to talk about Trials for a few hours, and a free VIP pass will be held in your name.

Step up, hop, jap-zap or splatter ..or simply email with your name and preferred time slot ..but hurry space is limited!

More info on the show


Congratulations to the 2018 CMA Ontario Trials Champions.

There were 10 events in the 2018 regional series.
This would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of:

  • Dave & Helen Cordy,
  • Clive & Elaine Barnes-Moss
  • Dave & Joyce Butler
  • Dave & Pat Southam
  • Mike & Sarah Feiner
  • and also their dedicated set-up teams.

Please be sure to thank them, and at the same time why not offer them some help in 2019.


2018 CMA Ontario Trials Champions

  • Expert – Jonathan English
  • Advanced – Kevin Cordy,
  • Intermediate – Curtis Marshall
  • Junior – Devyn Marshall
  • Novice – Robin Farr
  • Veteran 45 – Dave Cordy
  • Veteran 55 – Dave Butler
ECTA Fall Trial Results - Oct 21st, 2018

Clive writes: My thanks go out to all of you who attended our fall trial, as well as to the set-up crew, checkers and other help: Jim and Shirley, Steve and Theresa, Joan and Tony, Don and Donna, Roy Pope, Stew Wallace, Phil, Zane and Zev. A special thanks to Elaine for all her many skills and overall management of this trial and ECTA’s functions.

We are planning on making some changes in 2019 if we are to continue hosting observed trials. Tentatively, the two day CMA sanctioned spring event would remain as is, and entry fee would include a lifetime ECTA membership, and then we would hold a closed to club event in the fall. Any rider not at the spring event would be expected to take out a lifetime membership in the fall if they wish to compete at the club event. Additionally, ECTA could invite another club to participate, for example Steel City, ATA or CVMG.

The fall trial would consist of ten sections, five ridden before a short break and five after. This allows the existing five member ECTA checking crew to observe before and after the break. Riders at the fall trial who choose not to take a break can play amongst themselves on the five sections already ridden before the break. Essentially, these would become ten sections of a permanent nature located in pairs around the loop and could be used as two practice areas for the spring event.

I welcome your thoughts on these ideas.

ECTA Fall Trial Results - Oct 21st, 2018