Last Call: ATA Arden Trial – Pre-Entry Closing Soon

A reminder that this year’s ATA Arden Trial will be held on Sunday, July 16th, 2023. Pre-entry registration and payment are required by tomorrow, Monday, July 10th to enter the event.

To pre-register please:

  1. Fill out this pre-registration form by tomorrow Monday, July 10th, 2023.
  2. Send your pre-entry fee via e-transfer to
    1. CMA member: $30.00
    2. Clubman: $40.00 for those wishing to ‘Try-Trials’
    3. Entry on the day, or missing waiver form, add $5.00 admin fee.

Guests planning to arrive prior to the event Sunday please contact to arrange for backwoods camping as signed waivers will be required.

Arden 2023 Trial


  • An Observed Motorcycle Trials Competition.


  • Sunday, July 16th, 2023: Sign-In at 10am, Start at 11am.


  • 1172 Southam Rd., Arden ON
  • Travel East on the 401 towards Napanee.
  • Take Exit 579 to CR-41 North.
  • Turn right on CR-4 towards Tamworth.
  • Follow CR-15 North for approx 21km to Southam Road.


  • CMA License Required (unless eligible for Clubman Class)
  • To save time at Sign-in, please bring your printed and signed waiver to the trial. If you have not already renewed your CMA competition license please do so now.
  • Classes for Expert, Advanced, Intermediate, Junior, Novice, Vet 45, and Vet 55.
  • Clubman class for those riders wanting to ‘Try-Trials’.


  • CMA member: $30.00
  • Clubman: $40.00 for those wanting to ‘Try-Trials’


  • Ride at your own risk
  • Respect the land owners wishes
  • No littering
  • Helmets at all times
  • Back protection and lanyard kill switches are mandatory for Expert & Advanced, and highly recommended for other classes.
  • COVID-19: Feeling sick? Stay home and stay safe. Please respect those wearing masks.

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