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1 day left to dig out your SPF 99 and polarized Scott goggles. If it’s that sunny in Scotland imagine how balmy it is in Tweed!

Click here for Tweed Trial details.

(N Sturgeon pic)

3 nights, 2 days, 62 hours, 13 minutes, 76 marks lost do the math! 2018 ATA Tweed Spring Trial winner Jonathan English with Trials Master Dave Cordy.

…the count sits at 4 while a slew of Shercos seek shade from sweltering spring sunshine ..only in Tweed!

5 days to go until Tweed – No snow last w/e. The creek is receding …and the turtles are returning (March 30, 2018 pic)

Countdown continues – 6 days to go and no snow this year (April 15, 2018 pic)


UPDATE: The original Sparrow Lake event date of July 27th & 28th will be rescheduled so as not to conflict with the ZEROBS Experience, and SOVT Trial. New dates will be announced as soon as the deer fly schedule is sorted.

NEW: Sportspersons Fun Trial in Perth added on May 12th, 2019.

REMINDER: The first ATA Tweed Trial is only a week away on Saturday April 20th.

View the full 2019 schedule as of April 13, 2019 here.


World Trials Champion Bernie Schreiber will be in Ontario July 27th to hold the “Schreiber Experience” trials school near Lynden Ontario.
Entries are limited to 25 riders, so don’t delay, these spots won’t last long!
Bernie will also be the guest of honour at a dinner to be held July 27th. Dinner is included for school participants, additional dinner tickets can be purchased when you register. Maximum capacity for the dinner venue is 60 people.
On Sunday, July 28th an SOVT trial event will be held at the same location and is open to all riders with no limit on entries. Bernie will be also be competing in this event.

Registration details for all of the above are available on SOVT website or by clicking this link



Although this is a one day event, here is information on accommodations.
Park Place Motel
Jane and Neil Patel
43 Victoria St S
PO Box 257
Tweed, ON K0K 3J0
GPS: -77.3087875 44.4737624
Business Phone: 1-866-478-3134
Sunrise Motel
Dave Morton
4699 Hwy 37, Box 4
Thomasburg, ON K0K 3H0
Business Phone: 613-478-2326
Lakeside Holidays
Barb and Doug Mack
225 Victoria St S
Tweed, ON K0K 3J0
GPS: -77.3081175 44.4707418
Business Phone: 613-478-3626
The Unconventional Moose
Tracey Hiltz
108575 Highway 7
Tweed, ON K0K 3J0
GPS: -77.4022980 44.5290325
Business Phone: 613-478-2562
Cell Phone: 613-242-4483

The 2019 schedule is now available with our first event on April 20th in Tweed. More details on the Tweed Trial to come shortly.

Please check back soon for updates as dates are tentative.

April 20th ATA Tweed
May 25th & 26th ECTA Lion’s Head 2 Day
June 9th SCR Ohsweken
July 27th & 28th ATA Sparrow Lake 2 Day
Aug 25th ATA Arden – Tentative
Sept 7th & 8th ATA Kearney 2 Day
Sept 21st & 22nd ATA Tweed 2 Day

Please click here to goto the survey Thank you to all who responded, but if YOU haven’t taken the survey then we do still need YOUR input. Just a few simple quick questions to help shape the direction of ATA Trials. After 40 years we need some fresh faces and ideas:- …easier / harder / change the rules / section marking / trophies / fees / locations? YOUR comments are important. No point complaining if you don’t use your chance to make a difference.


Congratulations to the 2018 CMA Ontario Trials Champions.

There were 10 events in the 2018 regional series.
This would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of:

  • Dave & Helen Cordy,
  • Clive & Elaine Barnes-Moss
  • Dave & Joyce Butler
  • Dave & Pat Southam
  • Mike & Sarah Feiner
  • and also their dedicated set-up teams.

Please be sure to thank them, and at the same time why not offer them some help in 2019.


2018 CMA Ontario Trials Champions

  • Expert – Jonathan English
  • Advanced – Kevin Cordy,
  • Intermediate – Curtis Marshall
  • Junior – Devyn Marshall
  • Novice – Robin Farr
  • Veteran 45 – Dave Cordy
  • Veteran 55 – Dave Butler

Schedule 2018 CMA

Friendly reminder that the next scheduled event is the ECTA Lion’s Head Trial on Oct 21st, 2018.

The St.George event date will be announced once a suitably slippery Sunday in November is available, as currently insufficient parking available on the property due to logging for section building materials.

NB: Please check back before each event in case of date changes.(last revised Sept 11th, 2018)

April 14th & 15th ATA Tweed 2 Day
May 26th & 27th ECTA Lion’s Head 2 Day
June 10th SCR Ohsweken
Aug 11th & 12th ATA Sparrow Lake 2 Day
Aug 18th ATA Arden
Aug 19th ATA Tweed
Sept 8th & 9th CPTA CMA National-Ioco BC
Sept 15th & 16th ATA Kearney
October 21st ECTA Lion’s Head
tba ..Nov ATA St. George

The 2018 schedule has been updated as of Sept 10th, with the ECTA Lion’s Head event now on October 21st, while the revised ATA St.George event date will be announced soon.

Meanwhile we look forward to seeing you this weekend at Mike’s Muskoka 2-Day Trial, Kearney, on Sept 15th & 16th, with different sections on both days, ..and eagle eyed checkers to keep you on your toes!

April 14th & 15th ATA Tweed2 Day
May 26th & 27th ECTA Lion’s Head 2 Day
June 10th SCR Ohsweken
Aug 11th & 12th ATA Sparrow Lake 2 Day
Aug 18th ATA Arden
Aug 19th ATA Tweed
Sept 8th & 9th CPTA CMA National-Ioco BC
Sept 15th & 16th ATA Kearney 2-Day
October 21st ECTA Lion’s Head
tba ATA St. George

NB: Please check back for updates as dates are tentative – revised 09-10-2018.