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Happy New Year Trials riders.
Going to the 2018 International Motorcycle Supershow?
…but of course you are my bright little star.
There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
Face piles and piles of TRIALS with smiles.
It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave.
What, you didn’t know Graeme Edge rode Trials?
…stop by and bench race on the ATA booth. You say the Tweed/Sparrow Lake/Kearney rock wall was how high?
Lovely to see you again my friend! Why not stay for a while and spread the word on how much fun you had riding Trials last year.

Free passes for volunteers. The line starts here….

ECTA Lion's Head Fall Trial Results 10-22-2017

…update from Clive and Elaine of the ECTA.

Good evening one and all! Hope you all enjoyed your day yesterday and congratulations to our winning riders and the door prize winners. The winner of our grand prize, Luke, will receive a gift certificate for two night’s accommodation at the Lion’s Head Beach Motel. Our memories need to be refreshed on who won the second place prize for accommodation at the same establishment, so if you were the winner, please let us know.

I’d like to thank our set up crew of Steve, Don and Jim. Our checkers for the day, many from our local chapter of the CVMG, were: Mark Kalunder, Steve Heseltine, Dick Beresford, Don and Donna Wilson, Ken Bakewell, Jim and Shirley Cox, Roy Pope, Tom Beckett, Kelly Lang. I’d also like to thank Mother Nature for the glorious day. And finally, Elaine for sign in and results aided by the ever-helpful Neil Carter.

Till next year,

ECTA Lion's Head Fall Trial Results 10-22-2017
Next event: Nov 5th, 2017. Dualsport Plus Fun Day Trial – Brantford. Hosted by Southwestern Ontario Vintage Trials. (non CMA series)

CMA National Championship

Special thanks to Clerk of the course Mike Feiner who did an amazing job setting up 16 different looong sections with six different lines in each, and a punishing loop worthy of a National.


  • Sarah – Checker B&B and chilli chef extraordinaire!
  • Joe – property owner and driveway rut removal ..really appreciates that campers left the site garbage free.
  • Checkers – Andy, Manfred, Alex, Lucas, Andrew, Sarah and Owen, Jay, Tibor, Steven, and Norbert.
  • Event Sign In and Results – Cam, John, Pat, Joyce and Mike, Melissa & MTC.
  • Awards – all 66, as well as countless hours fixing up ATA facebook and webpage posts – Melissa Carter Design
  • Clean up crew – Mike with help from the Kearney Kids – Daniel, Dylan, Owen, Rose and Charlotte.

CMA National Results

CMA National Championship


Your choice of Instructors and locations.

August 17 2017. Trail Tours presents Champion Tim Coleman from Australia.
This is for people wanting to try trials, and for those that have experience.
$230 includes bike, or $165 on your bike
9 am to 3 pm. Contact us to reserve your spot
Contact  705 875 2980.
More info

August 28th, 2017. Rally Connex presents Paul Bolton from the UK
Learn advanced Trials Technquies for intemediate and Pro level trials tiding.
$250 North Toronto, Gooderham
More Info
To register