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Thank you to Helen and Dave Cordy for hosting round 6 & 7 of the 2019 ATA series. Setup: Dave Cordy with help from Brian Wojnarowski & Rob Smithurst. 2 days, 20 sections, 5 lines, 4 different loops – phew! Sign-In Helen and Dave. Results scoreboard c/o the bewitching ladies… Helen, Joyce, Pat, Shelley. Contingency prizes from Hosepower Canada. 2019 winner of the Serres Trophy for Outstanding Expert – Jon English.
Next CMA event: ATA – Arden, Oct 6th, 2019



Fun in the sun – finally! Thanks to the efforts of Cam, Bob Kelly, and the hard working Steel City Riders Competition Motorcycle Club members.

….If Senor Bou can clean two loops in Japan, then he might just be ready to try the slippery logs of Ohsweken!

Commiserations to the 5 other riders not listed who were either victims of trees jumping out, or who suffered from mechanical difficulties, and/or heat related issues. Thanks to all for attending the annual pre-Fathers Day SCR Trial.

Provisional results subject to final confirmation.

Expert Class: 3rd-Mike Feiner, 1st-Kevin Cordy, 2nd-Brian Wojnarowski

SuperVet 55 Class:  3rd-Fred Gayford, 1st-Paul Howarth, 2nd-Dave Brown.

ECTA Fall Trial Results - Oct 21st, 2018

Clive writes: My thanks go out to all of you who attended our fall trial, as well as to the set-up crew, checkers and other help: Jim and Shirley, Steve and Theresa, Joan and Tony, Don and Donna, Roy Pope, Stew Wallace, Phil, Zane and Zev. A special thanks to Elaine for all her many skills and overall management of this trial and ECTA’s functions.

We are planning on making some changes in 2019 if we are to continue hosting observed trials. Tentatively, the two day CMA sanctioned spring event would remain as is, and entry fee would include a lifetime ECTA membership, and then we would hold a closed to club event in the fall. Any rider not at the spring event would be expected to take out a lifetime membership in the fall if they wish to compete at the club event. Additionally, ECTA could invite another club to participate, for example Steel City, ATA or CVMG.

The fall trial would consist of ten sections, five ridden before a short break and five after. This allows the existing five member ECTA checking crew to observe before and after the break. Riders at the fall trial who choose not to take a break can play amongst themselves on the five sections already ridden before the break. Essentially, these would become ten sections of a permanent nature located in pairs around the loop and could be used as two practice areas for the spring event.

I welcome your thoughts on these ideas.

ECTA Fall Trial Results - Oct 21st, 2018