2017 Ontario Trials Schedule

The 2017 schedule will be posted on the ATA website tomorrow.
Stay tuned for the return of an historic event to kick off the season with a bang!

In the meantime how about a shout out to the dedicated 2016 Trials Masters and their able bodied assistants, without whom we would not have had 10 events to ride last year.

Many thanks to:
Elaine & Clive Barnes-Moss, and the ECTA.
Trevor, Travis, Paul Howarth, and Lee Hill at Mulmur.
Dave & Joyce Butler at Sparrow Lake.
Mike & Sarah Feiner at Kearney.
Steve Mumford, David Main & Clinton Smout at Horseshoe Valley.
Jordan Szoke, John Searle, Joe Long & Clint McBride at DSP.
Cam Whiffing and Eagle Press for their printing and section marking supplies.

Please like this post and/or comment to show your appreciation,
…or even better come out in 2017 and lend a hand to lessen their load a little.

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