Schedule 2019 CMA

Last updated 10-09-2019

Please check back closer to event dates to confirm details.


April 20th ATA Tweed
May 4th Jon English School
May 12th Sportspersons Fun Trial, Perth
May 18th & 19th CAN AM Challenge – Alma, NY
May 25th & 26th ECTA Lion’s Head 2 Day
June 9th SCR CMCC – Ohsweken
July 27th Zero BS Experience (SOVT)
Aug 24th & 25th ATA Sparrow Lake 2 Day
Sept 7th & 8th ATA Kearney 2 Day
Sept 21st & 22nd ATA Tweed 2 Day
Oct 6th ATA Arden
Oct 20th ECTA Sparta
Oct 19&20th VMC Canadian Trials Championship

Schedule 2018 CMA

April 14th & 15th ATA Tweed 2 Day
May 26th & 27th ECTA Lion’s Head 2 Day
June 10th SCR Ohsweken
Aug 11th & 12th ATA Sparrow Lake 2 Day
Aug 18th ATA Arden
Aug 19th ATA Tweed
Sept 8th & 9th CPTA CMA National-Ioco BC
Sept 15th & 16th ATA Kearney
October 21st ECTA Lion’s Head
tba ..Nov ATA St. George

Schedule 2017 CMA

April 22nd-23rd ATA Tweed 2 Day
May 13th SCR Ohsweken
May 27th-28th ECTA Lions Head 2 Day
July/Aug tba ATA Orangeville/Mulmur – TBA
Aug 26th-27th ATA Sparrow Lake 2 Day
Sept 9th-10th ATA CMA National Kearney 2 Day
Sept tba ATA Horseshoe Valley – TBA
October 1st tba ATA St.George – TBA
October 9th Thanksgiving
October 22nd ECTA Lions Head

Schedule 2016 CMA

May 28-29th ECTA Lions Head 2 day
June 5th SCR Ohsweken Cancelled
July 24th ATA New location Mulmur ON
Aug 20-21st National Sask
Sept 10-11th ATA Sparrow Lake 2 day
Sept 24-25th ATA Kearney 2 day
Oct 10th Thanksgiving
Oct 16th ECTA Lions Head